Recent Bits

  • The Indiana University Luddy School Task Force on diversity, equity, and inclusion completed its strategic plan, the Luddy School Strategic Plan on Inclusive Excellence. This is a monumental step for the Luddy School; I am honored to have chaired the task force in its year long effort (2020-2021).
  • Fall 2020 Luddy School graduate course AI topics course AI Safety and Trust examined the technical, social, and policy mechanisms available or needed to ensure AI develops as a trusted technology.
  • Honored to Chair the SC20 Transparency and Reproducibility Initiative (2020). We expanded the Initiative to include transparency as well as reproducibility to reflect scientific rigor through disclosure particularly in research involving AI.  We undertook a streamlining of reproducibility requirements to reduce researcher burden and better align with open science principles.  We undertook a formal survey of community sentiment about SC reproducibility and are working towards a publishable result.